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There are many factors involved in the change of hair quality and for healthy hair growth; one of the reasons for many hair-related problems is poor diet or a low protein diet. Our body hair and skin with the time requires proper attention and proper care.

So the question is, how does our diet affect our hair quality?

Not having sufficient nutrients in your diet responsible for stimulating hair growth results in different hair issues like hair fall, thin hair, split ends, and dry hair. Some nutrients best for hair are vitamin B7 (biotin), protein, keratin, omega-3fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin C. So we can say that elders were not wrong when they said, “you are what you eat”. Below are some best and recommended foods for healthy hair growth.


Eggs are best for hair because they contain primary two nutrients beneficial for hair: biotin and protein. Biotin is responsible for producing keratin which makes your hair healthy and manageable. Eggs are rich in protein and contain zinc, so if you face hair loss, you should include eggs in your diet. Many women facing hair loss reported that it was because of a low protein diet and biotin deficiency. Therefore, eggs for hair are so much beneficial.

Fish Seafood:

Fish for hair growth is best because fish is the source of protein and vitamin B; it is one of the most recommended sources for healthy hair growth. Shrimps, oysters, tuna, and salmon contain omega3 fatty acids, making your hair roots strong. Fatty fish is an excellent source of nutrients like selenium, vitamin D3, and B, and all these promote healthy hair growth and increase hair density.

The nutrients present in fish prevent the dryness of your scalp and give your hair lustre shine and volume. It is not wrong to say that consuming fish enhances your dull hair and improves the quality of your hair. So having a meal of special fried salmon for yourself is worth a try.


The reason berries for hair are good is that they have vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties, which protect your hair follicle from damage and free radicals. Vitamin C helps supply blood to the hair follicles. Additionally, vitamin C plays a vital role in producing collagen, which is good for hair growth. Especially in berries, strawberries are so much beneficial for boosting hair growth. 


An excellent option for getting some beneficial nutrients for hair is spinach, especially for vegetarians. Spinach for hair is an excellent source of iron, folate, vitamin A and C. Vitamin A produces sebum which keeps your scalp moisturized and prevents dryness. One can consume it in different forms like in juice form and cooked form. Also, you can use it in sandwiches and salad. People who face hair loss due to iron deficiency should add spinach to their diet because it’s a natural source of iron.


Carrots are a great source of vitamin A and keep your scalp moisturized. Including carrot juice in your daily diet will make your hair grow faster. Carrot also contains anti-oxidant and vitamin C; both are good for hair growth and healthy hair roots. Carrot can make your hair healthy like it was in your teenage years because it helps restore collagen, promoting the keratin protein. So we can say that carrots are the perfect natural source that works amazingly for hair quality and growth. Raw carrot or carrot juice for hair consumed daily will make a visible difference.


Beans are the pure source of protein, and they also contain zinc, which helps repair the hair cycle. Beans are rich in iron, zinc, and minerals; many men and women reported hair loss due to zinc and iron deficiency. Including iron in your diet make your hair thick shiny, and it also promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. Beans for hair are the cheapest option that has all the best nutrients for healthy hair.


Biotin supplements are famous for hair growth in the market, and Avocado is a great source of biotin that pushes keratin production. Keratin increases the rate of follicle growth, so it works on hair issues like thin hair, dull hair, and hair fall. Avocado is good for nourishing your hair because it also contains natural oils and fatty acids. Plus, Avocado for dandruff is effective because it prevents the dryness of the scalp.


The best nuts for healthy hair are almonds, cashews, peanuts, and walnuts; all of these contain omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. The selenium mineral, which is very good for hair, is present in Brazil nuts, and this mineral is responsible for a healthy scalp. The Brazilian nuts keratin products and treatments are also available for straightening the hair and making them frizz-free. Nuts are the most convenient hence full of nutrients that promote healthy hair.

Peanut butter:

Anything that satisfies your taste for healthy hair is the best deal; who doesn’t like peanut butter? But do you know that peanut butter is also one of the recommended foods for healthy hair growth? It has biotin, protein, fibre and anti-oxidant for vegans; it is a great source to consume protein. No one would have thought that peanut butter for hair could also be beneficial.


These seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is very beneficial in keeping your hair nourished and preventing dryness. You can consume them directly in powder form or sprinkle them in yoghurt. Flax seeds are high in vitamin E, which is good for hair breakage. Flaxseed benefits for hair are very well known because it is full of protein. Usage of Flax seeds for frizzy hair and dandruff is very beneficial.

Sweet potatoes:

The benefits of sweet potato for hair are that it contains vitamin A, which helps nourish the hair and keeps the scalp hydrated. The omega3 fatty acid in sweet potatoes keeps your hair follicle nourished, which results in healthy hair growth. Adding them to your diet is the cheapest option; sweet potatoes are available in local markets, and the bonus point is you can get them at significantly more reasonable rates.


We all know that orange is also the best foods for healthy hair growth. It is a citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C, and this vitamin is perfect for skin and hair. Oranges are the anti-oxidant that fight and prevent the free radicals and provide protection to hair; vitamin b12 and vitamin E facilitate in repairing the damaged hair. Eating oranges for hair growth will make your hair healthy and long.


Another citrus fruit full of nutrients like vitamin C and collagen, papaya fruit has fibre and carotenoids, which help the scalp hydrate and nourish. Papaya for dandruff is efficacious because it prevents dry scalp and hair fall. Local markets have a variety of papaya. Two main benefits of papaya seeds for hair are that they promote fast hair growth and strengthen the hair.

Bell peppers:

Bell peppers are go-to items used in sandwiches and are served as a sideline. Many people like to add red bell pepper and green bell pepper to make the salad more attractive and colourful. They are rich in vitamin C and fibre, which are good for hair. Who thought that bell pepper for hair growth could be this much helpful.


Meat is a source of protein that is beneficial for repairing damaged hair follicles. The best meat for hair growth is especially red meat (beef, pork, and lamb); they all are rich in protein and iron. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss, so consuming more meat in your diet can cover up the iron deficiency.

You can consume the meat in many delicious forms like beef burgers, beefsteak or any other dish which includes beef. Not only this, but meat also contains ferritin, a stored form of iron present in our body; it is responsible for hair cell protein. The deficiency of ferritin can cause severe hair fall. Women during the menstrual cycle lose ferritin, which results in hair fall; this is why women are more deficient, and experience hair fall. Meat nutrients make your hair strong and healthier. 


All these foods which are beneficial for healthy hair growth almost contain the same nutrients like vitamin C, which is an anti-oxidant, keratin which makes the hair frizz-free and plays an important part in hair structure, and biotin stimulate keratin production; all of these are essential nutrients for hair. Biotin is good for making hair healthier and preventing hair fall.

The deficiency of any of the nutrients mentioned above can cause hair loss. To prevent that, one should add these food items to their diet plan, or you can take hair dietary supplements as well. Many quality supplements are present for hair growth that contain all these essentials; biotin, keratin, and anti-oxidant. In the general population, pattern hair loss is a common disorder among Asian both genders.

In Pakistan, Alopecia patients can also re-growing their hair by using a hair factor capsule. These dietary pills reduce the general hair fall, boost hair volume, increase hair length, and nourish the hair. After taking hair-factor supplements daily, you will see the visible difference in your hair in 6-8 weeks. In other words, these dietary products will enhance your hair and its texture and quality because supplements are best to deal with your overall hair issues.